About Us


Customer focused design and manufacturing
Our main goal is to supply to our customers the solutions that are right to meet their needs. We are always investing in the new designs, machinery and manufacturing processes that allows us to provide our customers the vehicles and machines that will make them work with higher efficiency.

Our competitive advantage is working alongside our customers fully understanding their needs and supplying the products that they truly need.


A family company, with many years of experience
RIGUAL was established in 1957 and started its life producing agricultural machinery. Over the years, the company has extended its product range into new Divisions that supply vehicles for Environment care and transport of Energy products.

During our history we have always had a long term focus, typical of so many family companies, investing in the sustainable development of our Company.

This policy of constant investment has allowed us to diversify and obtain a solid position in all the sectors where we operate.


We are a key contributor to the success of our customers, to whom we supply high quality transport and machinery solutions that are efficient, innovative, and respectful with the environment.

To become a reference supplier in the Spanish market for agricultural equipment and vehicles for fuel transport, municipal services and environment care. Extend our presence to overseas markets to guarantee the long-term sustainability of the company.

Service to our customers
Sustainable profitability
Development of our employees
Excellence in our Products, Services and Processes.
‌‌ Close cooperation with our suppliers
Close cooperation with our suppliers
Team work
‌‌ Constantly searching for innovation