Vac Tanks

We are a bit different. Most big European manufacturers like to fill their factories with specialist equipment. Together we are interested in all your requirements, whether it be simple vac tanks, tipping vac tanks, big pumps, normal pumps or anything you require in between.

Vac and Flush

When you want a bit more than just a vacuum tank and need a flush facility too, we have the answer. Again we can keep it a very simple flush facility or specify a machine that is exactly specified for your needs. We offer the widest range of options in each sector.

Jet Vac Combi's

Combination machines are the essential tool of the drain cleaning contractor. From low, medium and high volume to deep suction liquid rings with the most powerful triple piston jetting pumps we can give you everything you need. Couple this with our extensive range of driver convenience equipment and you have a winning combination.

Jet Vac Combi's with Liquid Ring and Comfort Packs

If you are sitting on drains for long periods then it’s important for the hoses to be able to be handled with the minimum of fuss and preferably by one person. We have the full range of horizontal hose reels or cassettes with hydraulically slew-able and lifting booms for maximum operator convenience. Full remote control options are available too.

ADR Implementations

ADR is possible on any model in our range. Just ask us for details.

After Sales Support

This is a key element in our business model. Not only do we have trained and experienced engineers we have also invested in the necessary equipment to get you back on the road faster. With an out of hours number, a fully equipped workshop and a fully stocked and kitted out service van we can be with your quickly and turn whatever job we are faced around efficiently. We are ready to look after whatever product we put on the road as well those you already run.

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